Thursday, March 22, 2012

"She Freak" 1967 Film

I was much pleased to catch this gem on TCM the other night.  Carnies, freaks, circus-folk and a slutty gold digger - you just can't go wrong.  Jade gets tired of slinging hash in a small town diner and decides to run off and join the carnival.  She soon becomes enamored with the "ride boss" but ultimately decides to marry the owner of the freak show because he's got more goin' for him in the wallet.  Well, that and he took her out for a nice dinner and stroll around the carnival.  Despite landing the carnival's big fish, Jade just can't resist the carney powers of the ride boss.  She is soon tempted into sweet sin in the dude's filthy semi-trailer carney home.  Meanwhile the freak show's little person sees that Jade is steppin' out on his boss.  Things don't end well for Jade.

Speaking of freaks, what the freak is that blonde at the upper left of this poster doing?

My DVR was handy for passing by the many extended montages of circus action that were used as filler to pad this film out to a normal running length.  Beyond that, it was a real treat. I hope TCM continues to get more adventurous with its late night offering.  

More book reviews soon.